What now …

pexels-photo-267967.jpegWhole City Yoga was the name I chose for my business when I decided to start teaching yoga. The website was the businesses website. Despite what I learned in my first teacher training, (A yoga business can’t survive with teaching as its only source of revenue.) teaching was the only source of revenue. The business lost money every year. I did not mind, since I saw the loss as the cost of being a yoga teacher with a yoga business.

I did lead classes, in studios and fitness centers, and I even actually taught a bit. But I learned I don’t want to lead classes, and there’s not much actual teaching opportunity in those places. People want to do yoga, not learn it. We don’t teach yoga, we teach people, and if the people attending those classes are not interested we can’t teach them.  I also learned I don’t know all that much about yoga.

I’ve started the business winding down now, on the way to termination and dissolution.

So, what now? I don’t know. Maybe I will post some of the bit I do know. Some day.

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